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3 Garage Expansion Ideas You Should Definitely Consider

The traditional purpose of a garage is to provide a safe space for your car. But as we all know, garages are versatile and there is a lot you can put in there. In fact, in most houses, garages often double up as extra storage spaces. 

It’s, therefore, natural to reach a point where there is no longer enough space inside that garage for your storage needs. As a result, an expansion will be needed. 

Garage expansion is the focus of this post. We will give you some incredible ideas on how to explore this in the long run.

Why is Garage Expansion Important? 

Before we get to the ideas you can follow here, you may wonder why this is a project you should be doing. After all, the garage expansion cost can be quite high and it will be such a waste of money if you don’t use that extra space in the best way possible. The good news is that expanding the garage has many benefits. 

For example, you may decide to upgrade to a new and bigger car only to realize that indeed your garage is not big enough to accommodate your needs. In such a situation, a garage expansion will be very useful.

In addition to this, garage expansion can be done with the sole aim of adding new elements or features to the old garage. For example, you may want to add extra outlets for air conditioning or maybe add beams on the walls in case you’d like to build something above the garage. 

Finally, expanding the garage will also help increase the value of your house. Most real estate experts in fact argue that the value that you add to your house with a new garage is way high compared to the final garage remodel cost that you will spend.

Garage Expansion Ideas

With all things considered, it is safe to assume that any garage expansion is a good thing for any homeowner. 

Here are some of the ideas you can explore towards that goal:

Expand the Height and Add a Car Lift 

So, if the floor space in your garage appears very small, then you will need to use the vertical space above for all your needs. 

After that, install a car lift that will pull up the vehicles to a higher space where they can stay without any issue. 

This is actually an innovative idea that allows you to utilize your garage space in a very clever way. However, it is an expensive undertaking and besides, a garage that has many cars tucked over each other may seem a bit cluttered.

Add a Workspace 

Part of expanding your garage is not just about gathering in as much space as you can. It’s also about expanding its functionality. 

So, the garage is used for storage. But what if you could also use it as a workspace? Maybe you are one of those people that like to make crafts? 

Or perhaps there is someone in your family working on a big project? Expanding that garage by adding a new workspace will provide the environment you need to work from home. Do not overdo it though. The 3 car garage must still have enough space left for storage.

Revamp the Roof 

Expanding the garage should also bring aesthetics into the equation. Yes, at the end of the day you want your garage to have enough floor and wall space but it doesn’t hurt if it looks good. So, start by revamping the roof and see what kind of upgrade you can give it. 

While you are at it, you may also need to redecorate the garage door and the interior walls to match up to the new roof. 

Either way, giving a fresh new look to that garage attached to house will make the expansion even more worthwhile.

Contact a local remodeling company and request a free quote for your garage expansion project!


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