4 Signs You Have Clogged Dryer Vents

Laundry is no doubt one of the most important chores in most households. In addition to the washing machine, you also know that the dryer is central to how we do laundry. 

Although many people pay very close attention to washing machine maintenance, very few take the time to look into the dryer. Dryer vents, in particular, are very important and the last thing you want is to get them clogged. You will have to get dryer vent repair which means spending money. 

But how do you know your vents are clogged? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Takes Longer Than Usual to Dry Clothes 

The vents are central to the operation of your dryer. If they are working well, then it is likely that your dryer will also be doing a great job. 

In case you notice that it is taking way longer than normal to dry clothes, then there could be an issue with the vents. 

Check them out just to be sure nothing is wrong. This will help you avoid the potentially very high cost to replace dryer vent.

You Notice a Burning Smell 

The fabrics that make up most of our clothes are very flammable. It won’t, therefore, take a lot of heat to burn them. A dryer should not burn clothes. If it does that, it could mean it is overheating, or perhaps the settings are not working well. 

The last thing you want is a dryer that burns your clothes. It can be very annoying, but in most cases, a quick inspection of the vents should help solve the issue.

Clothes Are Too Hot

Yes, clothes will be a bit hot when they leave the dryer. But typically, you would still be able to pick them up and fold without any problem. 

But if the clothes coming out of the cycle are just too hot to even touch with your hands, then the vents are malfunctioning. 

If you don’t get dryer vent cleaning and repair, you will end up with clothes that are too hot to handle and before you know it, the dryer will start burning clothes. 

It’s Been More Than a Year Since You Last Cleaned the Vents

As a rule, you are always advised to clean up your dryer vents at least once a year. This will help get rid of any debris or deposits that may clog the vents. But sadly, a lot of people rarely do this. They even forget that the dryer vents are there until it’s too late. 

Do not make that mistake. You have already invested a lot of money in dryer vent installation. It will be such a waste if they get damaged simply because you cannot undertake basic maintenance. So, if it’s been a year since you cleaned out your dryer vents, it’s time to fix this. 

It will take at most an hour but this will be an important step in enhancing the efficiency of your dryer and prolonging its life.

Why Clogged Dryer Vents Are Dangerous 

There are several reasons why you must ensure dryer vents are in good condition. To start with, clogged dryer vents will increase the risk of fires massively. Roughly 5% of all house fires in the US start in the laundry room, causing destruction of property and risking life. The dryer is a huge culprit here so make sure the vents are working well. 

In addition to this, if the dryer hose vent is clogged it means that your dryer is not operating efficiently. In the end, it will use more energy to do the same task. This will then lead to a sharp increase in your monthly electricity bill. 

Finally, the buildup of debris and other impurities in dryer vents will easily push open the laundry flap outside. This creates the perfect route for pests to enter your home including rodents such as rats.

Contact a local professional to service your clogged dryer vent and request a free quote!


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